Impactful Tips For Truckers Purchasing Semi-Trailers From Dealerships


Semi-trailers make it possible for semi-rigs to haul a lot of goods and materials safely. They're instrumental to the trucking industry, and if you are looking for your very own from a dealership, there are strategies that can really make an impact on what you're able to get.  Call Ahead to See What's In Their Inventory If you don't want to spend a long time searching a dealership's lot for the perfect semi-trailer for your rig, then what you can do instead is call in to see what's currently in their inventory.

4 May 2021

Want To Purchase A Pickup Truck? 6 Terms You Need To Know


If you are interested in purchasing a pickup truck, you need to be familiar with pickup truck lingo. Some specific phrases and terms are used to describe different truck features that you need to know to purchase the right truck for your needs. Term #1: Payload Capacity Payload capacity described how much weight a truck can handle carrying in its cab and the truck's bed. This is basically how much weight you can add to your truck without harming it.

17 March 2021

Should You Invest In A New Vehicle? 3 Reasons Why You Should


Investing in a new car can be a big decision. It's a major financial decision that is going to cost you a monthly payment for several years to come. Some payments may not be as high as others, depending on the amount you finance. With this major decision, you may be wondering whether or not you should get a new vehicle and be strapped with another payment. Read on for a few reasons why you should invest in a new vehicle.

19 January 2021

5 Features You Will Want For Your New Car


If you are thinking about purchasing a new vehicle this year, it is essential to know what the must-have features you should be looking for. Automatic High Beams Switching from your low to high beams when you are driving at night can be really annoying. It is also easy to forget to switch from your high beams to your low beams. Automatic high beams allow you to drive at night without worrying about the height of your beams.

12 November 2020

Why Buy Your College Student Child A New Car?


When you have a child in college, providing them with a new car instead of a used one can be beneficial all around. Some college students start school without a vehicle at all, but there are many benefits to allowing your college-aged child to have a new vehicle they can drive. Here are reasons to get a new car for your college student child to take to college. Your child can easily get to class or work

1 September 2020

Three Uses For A Japanese Mini Truck


If you're thinking about buying a unique type of vehicle, a Japanese mini truck is an option that fits this description. This truck is relatively narrow and has a short wheelbase, making it much more compact than the conventional North American trucks that you see countless times every day. The size of this vehicle means that you can use it in a number of interesting applications. Here are three ways that you can use your new mini truck.

24 June 2020

Converting A Two-Wheeled Motorcycle To A Trike: What's Involved And Why You Want A Pro To Do It


Some people are intimidated by motorcycles because it takes a lot of balance and control to drive a two-wheeled vehicle with an engine down the road. Some people just prefer the added stability of two wheels in back, or two wheels in front. These adult bikes are actually adult trikes, and they are growing in popularity. While you can certainly buy an adult trike exactly as it is pictured on an auto dealer's website, you can also purchase something like Honda trike kits and trike conversion kits to take a two-wheeled motorcycle to a three-wheel trike.

26 October 2019

Need A Pre-Owned Car? 4 Reasons You Should Go Through A Dealership


If you're in the market for a pre-owned car, the best thing you can do is go through a pre-owned vehicle dealer. Buying a pre-owned car through a private party may save you a few dollars out the door, but that might be where the savings end. That's because there's no real way to ensure that you're getting your money's worth when you buy through a private party. However, when you buy your pre-owned vehicle through a dealership, there are steps you can take to make sure you end up with a quality car.

7 August 2019

Top Reasons To Purchase A Truck


If you're in the market for a new vehicle, you may want to consider purchasing a truck actively. There are many things you can do with this variety of transportation. Of course, getting to where you need to go should be foremost on your list. However, having a truck on hand that you can use at any time is always a good idea. Consider the following reasons for getting a truck.

23 May 2019

How To Choose A Car You Plan To Keep For Two Decades


Some people purchase a brand new car with the intent of keeping it for a few years. Others desire to keep their vehicle for more than a decade at a time. Luckily, there are cars on the road and on auto lots that are built to last consumers for the better part of two decades. If you are in the latter group and plan to keep your vehicle for 20 years, you should select your car based on specific desires.

22 March 2019