Three Uses For A Japanese Mini Truck


If you're thinking about buying a unique type of vehicle, a Japanese mini truck is an option that fits this description. This truck is relatively narrow and has a short wheelbase, making it much more compact than the conventional North American trucks that you see countless times every day. The size of this vehicle means that you can use it in a number of interesting applications. Here are three ways that you can use your new mini truck.

Snow Removal

Clearing snow from the parking lot of your business can present a predicament. It can often make sense to hire a snow removal service, but some services can be unreliable. Conversely, you might have plans to do the job by hand or with a snowblower, but this may require more of a time investment than you expect. One option is to buy a mini truck and outfit it with a snowplow attachment. The compact size of the truck means that you can navigate your way around the parking lot with ease, and you'll appreciate that you aren't relying on anyone else to get the job done. When springtime arrives, you can remove the plow and find other uses for the mini truck.


If you enjoy working on your vehicles and have a high degree of creativity, you may wish to buy a mini truck that you can convert into a camper. With some basic building materials, you'll be able to build a camper enclosure on the rear of the truck. Although compact, this space is suitable for one person. This can be ideal if you're the type of person who enjoys solo activities. For example, you could visit a campground in your state and camp in the back of the truck, rather than fuss with the challenges of a tent or renting an RV.

Parade Float Hauler

Businesses and community organizations often participate in local parades a few times a year. If you enjoy engaging with the local population in this manner, a mini truck can be a good vehicle for hauling your float. Because mini trucks are relatively uncommon to see, the parade spectators will likely notice the unique nature of the truck as it approaches — which should also help them to focus on your float, too.

Find a truck dealer in your area that sells Japanese mini trucks so that you can begin the process of evaluating different models.


24 June 2020

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