5 Features You Will Want For Your New Car


If you are thinking about purchasing a new vehicle this year, it is essential to know what the must-have features you should be looking for.

Automatic High Beams

Switching from your low to high beams when you are driving at night can be really annoying. It is also easy to forget to switch from your high beams to your low beams. Automatic high beams allow you to drive at night without worrying about the height of your beams. Once you turn on your beams, they will sense when another vehicle is approaching and adjust your beams' height accordingly. This can make it easier to drive at night.

Push Start Button

With a push start button, you don't have to get your key out and use it to start your car. You don't have to worry about being too hard on your starter. You can keep your keys in your pocket and just put your foot on the brakes and push the start button to get your vehicle running.

Passive Entry

When your arms are full, it can be hard to get your keys out and press the appropriate button to unlock your vehicle. With passive entry, as long as you have your keys on your person, such as in your pocket or your purse, you only have to get next to your vehicle, and it will unlock. So if your hands are full, you don't have to worry about getting your keys out as your vehicle will automatically open. 

Adaptive Cruise Control

Cruise control has finally advanced. With adaptive cruise control, your vehicle will adjust your vehicle's speed based on the traffic around you. Your vehicle will decelerate if the traffic slows down and speed back up when things get going again. If the vehicle needs your attention, it will let you know that you need to press on the gas or push a button in your vehicle. You still have to pay attention, but with adaptive cruise control, long stretches on the freeway will be easier to handle.

Heated Steering Wheel 

When you drive, you should be comfortable. A heated steering wheel can increase your comfort when you are behind the wheel and make driving in cold weather more pleasant.

When you start looking for a new vehicle, be sure to look for modern features that will make driving more comfortable, such as a push start button, passive entry, and adaptive cruise control. Visit a dealership like Schwieters Chevrolet of Cold Spring to see what's available. 


12 November 2020

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