Why Buy Your College Student Child A New Car?


When you have a child in college, providing them with a new car instead of a used one can be beneficial all around. Some college students start school without a vehicle at all, but there are many benefits to allowing your college-aged child to have a new vehicle they can drive. Here are reasons to get a new car for your college student child to take to college.

Your child can easily get to class or work

Most college towns do have some type of service that can allow students to get to campus and work, but these services are not customized, and college students have to use student transit, cabs, and local bus systems on the schedules provided. When you give your college student a new car to drive while they are in school, you allow them to have the freedom to get where they want to be when they want to be there.

Your college student will benefit from having a new car because they have reliable transportation to take to campus and they won't have to revolve their school hours and daily free time for study around bus system schedules. If they want to get a job, they can have a leg up on other college student competition because they can list that they have private transportation to get to and from work.

Your child has an easier transition into adulthood

Buying a new car for your college student to drive means they have a reliable car to take with them throughout their educational years and into adulthood beyond. Your college student won't have to worry about monthly car payments or having a reliable car, and when they are ready to get married and have children, they will already have a starter car to help them out.

The transition is made further easier by giving your adult child something they can easily trade in should the time come to upgrade their car in the future. The average new car lasts around 8 years, although almost any new car can last longer, depending on how many miles are put on it and how well the car is taken care of overall.

When you go to buy your college student child a new car, you can take them with you to let them be part of the purchase. A new car can be a great college student gift.

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1 September 2020

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