5 Different Car Body Styles For Your New Vehicle


When searching for a new vehicle, it is important to know what car body style would work best for you. Different car body styles offer different benefits and advantages, depending on what your personal needs are.

Body Style #1: Sedan

One of the most common and traditional styles of the vehicle is a sedan. A sedan has four doors and a closed roof. It has an enclosed truck as well.

It is made to accommodate around five people comfortably. Sedans come in various sizes, from subcompact to full-size, which dictates how much space you have inside your vehicle and how much trunk space you have. Most car manufacturers have a sedan or two in their line-up.

Body Style #2: Hatchback

Another type of vehicle is a hatchback. The hatchback style has more of a square look to it, with full-size square rear doors. Instead of having a typical trunk, it has a hatch door that flips up, which is where the name comes from. It has a tall trunk space, allowing for things to be carried around in the vehicle. It can fit four to five people, but it can be a tight squeeze, especially in the back.

Body Style #3: Sports Utility Vehicle 

If you are looking for something a little bigger, you may want to look at a sports utility vehicle (SUV). An SUV is designed to be taller than a sedan or hatchback. It allows you to sit higher off the road. They also tend to have a boxier layout.

With an SUV, you can get a little more seating. You can find vehicles with five to seven people inside the vehicle. The storage space is also ample and more open. With many SUVs, you can fold down or remove the rear row of seats to allow for additional storage.

These types of vehicles are made for regular driving, but they can also be used off-road.

Body Style #4: Multi-Purpose Vehicle

A multi-purpose vehicle is made to be a little different than an SUV. They have a design that is more similar to a station wagon. They have a boxier look to them, and the back opens up like a hatchback. Like an SUV, they can carry five to seven people inside of them. They have lots of space for carrying goods. They are usually not designed for off-road usage.

Body Style #5: Coupe

If you are looking for something sporty, you are looking for a coupe. A couple is a two-door vehicle that has a compact design. There are some four-door coupe designs, but they are not as common. They have low, fixed roofs that give the vehicle a really sleek look.

Before you start looking for a new vehicle to purchase, you will want to consider what body style you want for your vehicle. Knowing what body style you want for your vehicle will allow you to focus your vehicle search and find one that fits your needs.


9 August 2021

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