Want To Purchase A Pickup Truck? 6 Terms You Need To Know


If you are interested in purchasing a pickup truck, you need to be familiar with pickup truck lingo. Some specific phrases and terms are used to describe different truck features that you need to know to purchase the right truck for your needs.

Term #1: Payload Capacity

Payload capacity described how much weight a truck can handle carrying in its cab and the truck's bed. This is basically how much weight you can add to your truck without harming it. It is important to know the truck's payload capacity so you can make sure it will be to handle the regular activities you want to do daily.

Term #2: Towing Capacity

Towing capacity is different than payload capacity. Towing capacity is how much weight you can pull behind your truck, not carry directly on it. If you plan on towing something like a boat or trailer behind your truck, you need to make sure the towing capacity is equal to or greater than the weight of whatever you want to tow. 

Term #3: Light Duty

A light-duty truck is a term used to describe a smaller truck designed to handle everyday driving, moving awkward items, and towing really small loads, like a trailer with a lawnmower.

Term #4: Heavy Duty

A heavy-duty truck is one that has both a larger payload capacity and a towing capacity than a light-duty truck. A heavy-duty truck is what you need if you will be moving concrete pavers in the back of your truck daily or towing a camper around the United States. A heavy-duty truck is reinforced for heavier loads and wear. 

Term #5: Bed

When you talk about the bed of a truck, you are talking about the back of the truck that is open. There are generally three different sizes of beds: short, standard, and long or extended. Long beds and extended beds are used interchangeably. 

The size bed you need depends on what type of stuff you plan on hauling around. If your truck will be more of a commuter truck, a short or standard bed is fine. If you want to do a lot of work and hauling with your truck, you will want an extended bed. 

Term #6: Cab

The cab is the term used to describe the inside of the truck. There are four different types of cabs: standard, extended, double, and crew. 

A standard cab has just a single row of seats with very little storage. A standard cab can usually only fit two people comfortably, although some have a smaller middle seat to allow for the transportation of up to three people. An extended cab has two rows of seats, allowing for the transportation of five to six people. With an extended cab, the back doors to get in the second row of seats can only open if the front doors are open. The legroom in the back is not that generous in an extended cab.

With a double cab, there are again two rows of seats. The rear doors are smaller than the front doors, and the legroom is not generous. If you want two rows and lots of legroom, you want a crew cab. A crew cab has two rows of seats, with independent doors about the same size for the cab's front and back rows. 

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17 March 2021

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