Converting A Two-Wheeled Motorcycle To A Trike: What's Involved And Why You Want A Pro To Do It


Some people are intimidated by motorcycles because it takes a lot of balance and control to drive a two-wheeled vehicle with an engine down the road. Some people just prefer the added stability of two wheels in back, or two wheels in front. These adult bikes are actually adult trikes, and they are growing in popularity. While you can certainly buy an adult trike exactly as it is pictured on an auto dealer's website, you can also purchase something like Honda trike kits and trike conversion kits to take a two-wheeled motorcycle to a three-wheel trike. Here is what is involved with this conversion process, and why you definitely want an auto mechanic to do the conversion for you:

Rear Wheel and Drive Train Removal

To take the back of the motorcycle and convert it into a three-wheel trike, the rear wheel has to be removed, along with the drive train. When you have a rear tire on a motorcycle removed, only the tire is taken off. In a conversion, the drive train that helps propel the rear wheel forward and connect the rear wheel to the motorcycle's engine is also removed. 

Engine Modifications

A motorcycle's engine has enough power to send to the drive train and to the rear wheel. However, when you convert a bike to a trike, you are going to need a lot more power. Now the engine has to deliver power to an axle, much in the same way that a car does. It also has to be able to manage the extra weight of the conversion package's touring hubs and storage compartments.

You are essentially removing about fifty pounds of tire and drive train from the back of the motorcycle and adding a hundred to two hundred pounds, depending on the features of the conversion kit you have purchased. Ergo, there has to be some engine modifications to give the engine more power and greater ability to control the rear of the bike/trike. These engine modifications have to be made before you add the new drive train and install the new axle, wheels/tires, and back end of the trike kit. 

Why You Want a Professional Mechanic to Do the Job

Too many DIY motorcycle enthusiasts think it is just a matter of removing one tire and replacing it with two. As you can see from above, there is a lot more going on here. If you want to convert your motorcycle into a trike, it is best to have a professional mechanic who knows what he/she is doing do the job so that nothing is missing and everything works as expected. 


26 October 2019

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