Why That Classic Motorcycle Engine Sound Is Not Always Desirable


People who love motorcycles love how they sound. They have that "angry," vibrating rattle that announces that they are coming and that everyone else should just get out of the way. While that may be something you are looking for in your new or used motorcycles, there are a few reasons why this sound is not always desirable. You should know these reasons.

Carburetor Issues

A clogged carburetor with a lot of gunk in it causes a motorcycle to sound louder and rattle more. While you might initially love how that sounds, it ends up costing you hundreds of dollars to repair when the bike chokes up and breaks down. Before you buy a used motorcycle for the sound it makes, have a motorcycle mechanic check it to make sure the louder sound is not the carburetor choking on a ton of sludge.

Noise Pollution

Some cities have noise pollution ordinances. This often includes motorcycles that are too loud. If you like taking long rides and road trips on your motorcycle, be sure that classic engine noise it makes is not going to result in one or more tickets in various cities. You can always take it to a police station and have them listen to it to be sure. Then take it to a mechanic if the police say that your bike needs a little tune-up to quiet it down a bit.

Exhaust Chamber Problems and Emissions Control

A lot of loud noise and black smoke coming from the tailpipe or tailpipes looks really cool, but it can actually be another indication of an impending repair issue. It could also cost you big bucks if your state has an emissions control requirement. If a police officer pulls you over and gives you a warning about exhaust pipes, loud noises, and emissions control, you typically have a week or two to fix that problem before the warning turns into a ticket. This is just another example of why an overly-loud motorcycle for sale may not be what you really want.

Always Have a Used Motorcycle Checked out Before You Buy It

To avoid all of the above complications and potentially expensive issues, always have a motorcycle mechanic check out a bike first. Then you will know if that sound it produces is totally fine, or an impending repair issue you will have to worry about. Buy the bike that sounds great, but also is not going to cost you a fortune in the near future.

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27 August 2018

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