Towing Basics: Tips For First-Timers


If you've recently purchased your first truck and you're eager to start towing with it, it's important that you're practical about it. There are a lot of things that you need to take into consideration when you're towing, otherwise you risk an accident or damage to your truck and trailer. Here are a few tips for towing beginners to ensure that you're safe and responsible about the process.

Understand How The Weights Apply

There are a few different weight considerations that you'll have to be aware of when you're getting ready to tow. First, you need to know the truck's combined weight limit. That combined weight limit refers to the maximum weight that the truck can withstand, including the weight of the truck, anyone and anything in it, and the total weight of the trailer and its contents. Don't exceed that limit when you're towing, because you could damage the drive train.

The tongue weight limit is another important factor. Tongue weight is the amount of weight from the trailer that's applied to the tow hitch itself. Make sure that there's no more than ten percent of your trailer's total weight on the tongue. That way, you don't risk shifting weight from the front tires to the rear of the truck due to the downward pressure. Excess weight on the tongue can damage the truck's rear suspension and may cause handling problems.

Choose Your Hitch Ball Carefully

Make sure that the hitch ball you select is the proper size for the trailer that you're going to tow. If the trailer is a 2.5-inch trailer, you don't want to use a 2.25-inch hitch ball. Sure, it will connect, but it will be likely to shift, and may put you at risk of the trailer shifting off the ball while you're towing. That's just dangerous. Make sure your hitch ball size matches the trailer hitch size so that you get a secure fit.

If you're buying a new hitch for the trailer, make sure that you choose the right drop rating. The drop or rise rating of the hitch refers to how much it changes the height of the trailer when it's connected to the truck. You want your trailer to be level, that way you're not putting stress on the hitch and the hitch ball under tow.

These are two key considerations for choosing the trailer and hitch for your truck before you tow. Talk with a local trailer retailer, like Ace Trailer Sales, for more tips and to find the right supplies for your needs.



26 February 2018

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