Does Your Teen Need A Car, Electronics And More For College? Stop Sweating The Costs And Do These Things


If you have a student who is heading off to college and you are worried about not only the cost of tuition, but also the cost to send them to a place where they need their own vehicle, computers, tablets and more, there are some things to take into consideration. There are a few purchases that you may be getting sticker shock from when looking at the price tags, but that you should really buy the items used. Here are some of the things you want to consider.

Buy Used or Refurbished Electronics

Just because one person wants to have that brand new tablet out by apple, or a brand new laptop model, doesn't mean that their old one isn't a great option for your college bound student. Shop for affordable used electronics that have had the data cleared, or look online for refurbished options that have been fixed by the professionals and are like new.

Buy a Used Car

If you would feel more comfortable with your student having reliable transportation or their own vehicle, and they need a vehicle that you won't worry about, consider purchasing a used vehicle, such as a used GMC for sale. Find a vehicle that has a high safety rating along with resale value potential, get it inspected, and pack your teen up to move to their new college location.

Garage Sale for Dorm Supplies

Don't fee l like you need to go out and get your student brand new dishes, pots, pans and other items for their dorm. Find some garage sales or look at online classified so you can spend little on the items that may or may not end up using, but so they have the items that they will need in their new space. You don't want to spend too much on items that may get damaged or lost the first year they are away.

If you are worried about all the of costs that are racking up when you make a list of the items that you want your student to have when you head off to college, you want to stop thinking that you have to buy everything brand new. College is a place where your child needs to learn to be independent and that they have to work to get the new things that they may want, so send them with the used items that will work until they can buy what they want on their own. 


21 November 2017

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