Considering A Hybrid Truck In The Next Few Years? What Are Your Options?


With automotive manufacturers required to raise the average fuel economy of their fleets over the next few years, there's been no better time to begin to plan your next new truck purchase. Although manufacturers haven't released a fully hybrid full-sized truck yet, the development of engines that have displacement on demand or utilize turbos to reduce fuel consumption, along with stated plans to switch to electric- or battery-powered hybrid engines, mean a hybrid truck should hit the market within the next couple of annual release cycles. Read on to learn more about some of the advantages of a hybrid truck, as well as a few of the options slated to come onto the new truck market before 2020.

What Are Some Advantages Of A Hybrid Truck?

Hybrid engines first boomed in popularity when gasoline prices were at record highs. Eager to save some money on fillups, consumers rushed toward hybrid vehicles like the Toyota Prius and the Honda Insight, both of which boasted average mile-per-gallon ratings dozens of MPGs higher than most passenger vehicles. The combination gasoline- and battery-powered engine in a hybrid vehicle can allow it to maintain a "normal" power level (or even boost power beyond what you may expect) while also minimizing fuel consumption.

In the truck context, a hybrid engine can increase the off-road capability of your vehicle, allowing it to direct extra power to all four tires when stuck in mud, sand, snow, or gravel. Hybrids can also allow trucks to tow a greater capacity by increasing the torque of the engine, providing the power needed to haul and steer a potentially heavy truck trailer. Although hybrid truck batteries will need to be replaced periodically as the truck ages, the average lifespan of hybrid engine batteries tends to be a long one, and even the cost of replacing one of these batteries once a decade or so should be less than you'd have spent in extra gasoline by purchasing a non-hybrid truck from the get-go.

Although gas prices are still fairly low now, this won't last forever; with natural disasters, environmental regulation, terrorism, and even wars impacting the supply of crude oil in the U.S., there's always a risk that gas prices will spike upward and stay there for the foreseeable future. By purchasing a hybrid truck sooner rather than later, you can be well-equipped to weather any changes in gas pricing that may come.

What Hybrid Truck Options May Fit Your Needs?

Truck lovers should have several makes and models to choose from over the next few years, both domestic and imported. 

  • Toyota Tundra

While Toyota is well-known for its fuel-sipping cars, along with pioneering the consumer hybrid vehicle over a decade ago with the release of the Prius, it has historically captured only a small share of the full-size truck market. This may change with the upcoming redesign of the Toyota Tundra to include a hybrid engine and a wider array of luxurious interior options. This hybrid engine can provide the Tundra the same heavy-duty towing power and 4x4 functionality satisfied users have grown accustomed to while providing the dependability inherent in any brand-new truck, especially one with Toyota's high-quality reputation. Check out local dealerships to find Toyota trucks for sale.

  • Ford F-150

Ford has announced it plans to have a hybrid F-150 truck on the market by 2020, which is one of the reasons Toyota and other truck manufacturers have made an extra push to have their own hybrids ready by this time. This hybrid will join Ford's EcoBoost engine to provide mega power and towing capacity, keeping Ford's most loyal fans happy while winning over a whole new generation of truck buyers. Check out local dealerships to find the truck you need.


10 October 2017

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