3 Reasons To Get Car Repairs Completed At Your Local Car Dealership


When you begin experiencing a problem with your car, you will probably want to schedule an appointment for a mechanic to look at your car to find out what the problem is. Whenever this happens, you have the choice of where you take your car for the repairs. While some people prefer choosing an auto repair shop to complete the repairs, here are three reasons you should consider taking your car to your local car dealership.

They Will Honor Your Warranty

If your car is under warranty right now, it will be better to bring it to a car dealership to have the services completed because the dealership will honor your warranty. Dealerships work with warranties all the time, and they understand how they work, what is covered, and how to deal with them.

If you bring your car to a regular auto repair shop, they most likely will not honor the warranty. This means that you will have to pay for the total cost of repairs, even if your warranty is supposed to cover these costs.

They Have the Right Parts

The second thing to understand is the difference with auto parts between regular shops and car dealerships. A car dealership is always going to use OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts for the repairs. OEM parts come from the car manufacturers and are the exact parts used when they make the cars initially.

An auto repair shop often uses aftermarket parts. Aftermarket parts are made by companies that produce all types of parts. These parts are often very similar to OEM parts, but they are not exactly the same. If you want the best parts used for your repairs, you should always stick with OEM parts.

They Specialize in Your Brand of Car

The other ting to realize is that the car dealership you go to will know your car. They specialize in making repairs for your brand of car, and they know it better than any other brand of car. This means that you will probably receive the best services for the problems your car has, and this is important for so many reasons.

A car dealership is able to complete any types of repairs your car might need, as long as the dealership sells the brand of vehicle you have. To learn more about car repairs or to schedule an appointment, call your local car dealership today. 


19 October 2017

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