Four Areas To Negotiate On An Auto Loan With Bad Credit


Many of those looking to receive an auto loan with bad credit will settle for a bad loan deal. The reason being is that they believe that they won't be able to receive anything better because of their poor credit. If this is the case for you, you must know that you still hold negotiating power. After all, lenders want you to hold a loan with them, so negotiating is definitely reasonable. Here are four areas where you can negotiate:

  1. The Interest Rate: While you should be prepared and expect a high interest rate, you shouldn't settle for the first interest rate given to you. Instead, negotiate to ensure that you are able to receive a lower interest rate. This is important for keeping your payments lower and being able to pay off the car without paying significantly more than what the car is worth over time. Eventually, you can even get the car refinanced to reduce the interest rate even more so long as you have been making your car payments on time. 
  2. The Length of the Loan: The length of the loan makes a huge difference in payments. You might want to have a loan length that is longer to make your payments smaller. This way, you can make your payments on time every month for sure to guarantee that you can refinance in the future. 
  3. The Prepayment Penalty: To help you pay off the car faster, you might want to make prepayments. This way, you avoid more interest and can refinance the car easier. However, some lenders will charge a fee for you to do this. If you know this is something that you want to do in the future, be sure that you negotiate on getting the prepayment penalty waived. 
  4. Other Fees: Finally, you want to be sure that you read over all of the fine print and negotiate on the terms of other fees. For example, you may have a fee if you miss a payment even if you only miss it by a day. You might also be subject to fees if you are leasing the vehicle, which often comes with the most fees, so be sure that you read over these and negotiate in areas where you deem it necessary. 

​​When you know what four areas to negotiate on when you have are attempting to receive an auto loan with bad credit, you can be sure that you receive an auto loan that is decent even with bad credit. For more information, contact companies like AutoStart.


18 October 2017

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