Worried About The Financial Impact Of A Teen Driver? Smart Ways To Improve The Experience And Lessen The Cost


Watching your child grow and change from a cute kid to a responsible adult is one of the most rewarding parts of parenthood. But the expenses that often accompany this journey can create stress on the family budget that can threaten to remove much of this joy. Some of the expenses that most often fall into this category are those that are incurred when the children become old enough to get a license to drive. Higher insurance costs, additional vehicle maintenance needs, and payments for an extra car can seem overwhelming, especially in families with more than one teen driver. If you have one or more teen drivers in your household and are becoming increasingly concerned about the financial impact it is having on your household budget, the following tips can offer much needed relief.

Tie the privilege of driving to an increased responsibility

The need to drive responsibly is one that every parent works hard to instill in their child before putting them behind the wheel of a car. Along with insisting they use their seat belts, leave cell phones turned off, and respect their curfew, parents may also want to consider adding another layer of responsibility to their young driver. This can take many forms, such as:

  • increasing their chores at home

  • assisting with errands for the household

  • getting a part-time job to contribute to the cost of driving

Parents can expect to hear a bit of groaning from their teens when insisting they assume a more responsible role in the family, but most teens adjust well and will ultimately develop a sense of pride in the fact that they are making a worthwhile contribution to the family.

Search out available discounts on insurance

Another good way to help reduce the costs of a teen driver is to look for any discounts that may make the cost of the car insurance premiums more affordable. Some car insurance companies offer significant discounts for teen drivers who maintain good grade point averages or have successfully completed a safe or defensive driving course. Your insurance agent can also take a look at your current policies and determine if there are other savings that may apply, such as multi-car discounts. 

Choose the right car for a teen driver

While the previous suggestions are definitely worth pursuing, one of the best ways for families to make the teen driving experience as affordable as possible is to make sure they choose the right car when it is time for them to begin driving. In most cases, the right car is going to be one that fits the same basic guidelines that most insurance companies use to set premium rates. Good choices include: 

  • car makes and models that are not apt to be targeted by car thieves

  • cars that are not classified as sporty, limited edition, or high performance

  • cars that are not currently noted on recall lists for safety issues or other reasons

Since insurance companies also look at the expected level of financial risk when setting a premium rate, opting for a safe, used car can be much less expensive to insure than a new one that could result in a much higher claim amount, if any accident should occur. 

Include your child in the purchase process

Another very important benefit of opting for a used car, rather than a new one, is that the initial purchase price is much more affordable. To learn more about the many benefits of choosing a used car as a teen's first car, parents and their teen drivers should take time to visit a reputable used car lot in their area and learn more about the benefits of buying a used car.  


6 October 2017

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