3 Questions To Ask When Trying To Save Money Buying A Car At A Dealership


If you have decided you need a new car, you may wonder if there is any way you can save money when you try to buy one at a dealership. If so, ask the following questions when you are trying to save money before buying a car.

Can You Trade in Your Current Vehicle?

One question you can ask when trying to save money on a new car is about trading in your current vehicle. If your present car is fairly new, the dealership may be willing to take off the value of it towards the purchase of a new one.

Before you go to the dealership, try to find out the current value of your car. To find this information, you can either ask a mechanic or contact the dealership from which you bought it. Knowing the value of the vehicle before speaking with the sales representative can give you an idea of what it could be worth.

However, if you bought your current vehicle at the dealership where you are trying to buy a new car, let the salesperson know. They may be able to also give you a discount for customer loyalty if you have purchased from them before.

Are There Any Rebates Available?

Another question you should ask when negotiating the price of a new car is about rebates. Some car manufacturers offer rebates at certain times of the year. For example, they may offer a substantial discount towards the end of the year on the current year's models. This helps them clear their inventory to make room for the next year's models.

You can also ask about rebates available for options on your car. Some dealerships can give you money back when you add options such as air conditioning and engine upgrades.

What Deal Can the Salesperson Give You on Closing Costs?

Along with manufacturer rebates, ask if the salesperson can give you a break on closing costs. These costs typically include filing fees, registration, and interest.

If you are able to pay a substantial down payment, the salesperson may be able to cut the costs. Or, if they are trying to clear out their inventory, they may waive the fees altogether.

The above questions can help get you started when trying to find the best deal on a new car. While you are negotiating with the salesperson at the car dealership, speak with them candidly about your needs and budget so they can help you save money while finding the ideal car for your needs.  


6 October 2017

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