How To Get The Best Deal When Buying A New Car


When you know what to do, getting a new car can be a fantastic experience. It doesn't have to be a time when you worry about haggling over prices if you go in with the confidence that comes with knowledge. If you're in the market for another ride, now is the time for you to feel completely empowered about the car buying process. This starts with understanding that you have what it takes to get the kind of deal that works best for your finances. The next time you're ready to get some new wheels, arm yourself with these tips so you can maximize the opportunity.

Negotiate The Interest Rate More Than The Sticker Price

When it comes to getting a vehicle few things are as important as the interest rate that you receive. It's going to determine just how much money you actually end up paying for the car. However, it's quite common to put a larger focus on the sticker price instead. You want to avoid this mistake.

Regardless of what the price of the car happens to be you have to factor in the interest rate because it could cause the price on the tag to go up by quite a bit. For example, if you buy a car that costs $15,000 dollars and are given a 10 percent interest rate over the course of 60 months, the total cost for the vehicle goes up by more than $1,000 dollars. This is a pretty substantial difference and one that can affect your budget down the road.

Instead of placing such a huge emphasis on the price of the car, aim to get a more agreeable interest rate. You'll end up paying a price for the car that is closer to what it's actually worth.

Try To Make Your Purchase During Times Of Urgency

If at all possible, try to buy your car during those times when dealerships are looking to move units. There's only so much space on a dealership lot and when new cars come in, the older models have to go. May is a good month to go for it because the newer models are starting to come in and dealerships need to clear up space to make room for them.

Getting a good deal on a car is a great feeling, and one that is within your reach. Use this information to your benefit so you can drive away with a deal you can be proud of.


5 October 2017

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